After you sign-up and receive your welcome letter follow these instructions to begin broadcasting your live event:


Begin by downloading and installing the encoder:

1.) In your encoder, select both your Video and Audio device from the drop down boxes next to “Devices” and the select the Bit Rate that you would like to stream at. Currently we are only accepting a single bit rate and selecting multiple Bit Rates will prevent your stream from working correctly.

2.) Next copy and paste the Server URL and Stream name provided in your welcome letter into the appropriate boxes in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. Please verify that there are no spaces located before or after either the Server URL of Stream name as this will prevent the stream from working properly

3.) Click on “Connect” located below the Stream name in the encoder. The Connect button will change to say Disconnect and a Connected green bar icon will appear in the lower left hand corner.

4.) If you would like to create a backup copy of your live event, please select the “Save to File” option in the encoder and enter the name you would like for the file.

5.) Click on the Start button located at the bottom and your stream will begin broadcasting.

Streaming for IOS devices settings – Video Format must be set to h.264 and Audio must be set to AAC or Mp3. If you choose Mp3, it must be encoded with a sample rate of 44100 Hz.


Begin by downloading the encoder:

1.) Select “Live Broadcasting Project”.






2.) Next, select the Output Tab.

3.) Check the Streaming check-box.

4.) Click on “Publishing Point” and input your Location provided in your Welcome Letter and then Click “Connect”.
a) Enter Username & Password when prompted

5.) Next, select your desired streaming profile by clicking on ‘presets’ on the top right. Click the triangle next to ‘Standard Encoding’ , and then the triangle next to ‘VC-1’ to show the options. What you choose here, will determine the quality of the video. The higher quality you select, the higher datarate the client will need to view the content.

6.) Click “Apply”

7.) Now you will need to add your Live Source ( audio and/or video sources ) To do this, find the ‘Live Sources’ area on the left hand side – middle of the program. Click the “+” symbol which you can see right above the tab for file sources – in the Live Sources area.

8.) Next , select an option from the ‘Video Device’ drop down menu. You should see your camera, or other input device from your computer in this list. Do the same for your ‘Audio Device’ drop down menu.

9.) Once you have your devices chosen , look again to the top left hand corner “live sources’ section and Click the “Cue” button to initialize your devices to be used for streaming.

10.) You are now ready to start broadcasting. Just click the Start button in the middle of the encoder.

11.) Your encoder should now be streaming from your source.


  • If you are running the paid version of the encoder, please ensure you are not trying to stream using IIS Smooth streaming (this can be found under the “Encode” tab under “Output Format”). You will want to make sure “Windows Media” is selected there.
  • If you try multiple times to insert your user and pass and other information into the encoder with no luck getting it working we suggest you close the program down and re-open it. You will then be able to get the login prompt again when trying to connect. Try doing that and making sure you type the correct username and password in the fields.
  • The broadcast and port fields are for Pull type streaming, you will not need to use those settings for your broadcast. You will only need to ensure that you have your server address information in the “Location” field, and your username/password information input. The button that you click to start streaming is located in the middle of the encoder under the “Preview” tab, below your video display screen within the encoder.
  • You may need to ensure that you have set up a live video source (Camera or Microphone) before you can stream. If you have not done that, you can do so by clicking the “Add a Live Source” link in the middle of the display window on the same “Preview” tab.